Soil Decontamination and Decommission Underground Storage Tank

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A Washington natural gas company tasked Midland Resource Recovery (MRR) to remove an underground storage tank that was leaking, and treat and remove the contaminated soil.

  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Environmentally friendly Solution
  • Reduce health risk
  • Reduce olfactory desensitization
  • Equipment disposal
  • Remediation
  • Protect public image

Challenge: Remove Leaking Underground Odorant Tank
A Washington natural gas company had an underground storage tank with mercaptan in it that had been leaking for some time. The surrounding soil that had become tainted and required decontamination, removal, and proper disposal. Likewise, the equipment had to correctly removed, treated and suitably discarded.

Soil Decontamination and Decommission Underground Storage TankThe Washington gas company hired MRR to remove the material, properly dispose of it and mitigate the soil contamination.
The MRR solution was to build a temporary enclosure around the affected area. Highly efficient activated carbon filtration systems suppressed the odorant emissions during the restoration. Within this enclosed area the contaminated soil was treated onsite then subsequently removed and transferred to a municipal landfill. The odorant tank was emptied, removed and moved to the Philippi facility where it was processed and appropriately discarded.

MRR safely removed and disposed of the customer’s leaking tank and treated and removed from the premises the mercaptan-contaminated soil. MRR left the client’s site when the health risks were mitigated and free of compliance issues.

Soil or Equipment Decontamination
More information available on decommissioning odorant equipment and emergency spill response.

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