Odorant Emergency Spill Response

Midland Resource Recovery (MRR) provides emergency spill response for mercaptan spillage caused by natural disasters, odorization system failure or human error.

Emergency Spill Response

As an odorant decommissioning expert for over 20 years, MRR has intervened on odorant spills ranging from a few drops to 300 gallons. MRR will respond to odorant leaks of any size. The crisis measures we adopt will vary depending on each situation but commonly include tenting the area and setting up an active filtration system to create a negative pressure inside the tent. We treat mercaptan-contaminated soil and/or remove it from the premises. We also treat contaminated water, as well as contaminated equipment.

Consequences of Odorant Spills

Odorant spills have far-reaching implications to any gas company. Prolonged exposure to mercaptan has health risks as well as olfactory desensitization. A spill will cause the disruption of gas service. Contaminated soil and water will need to be mitigated. Public image issues involving safety, reliability, and environmental impact will ensue in addition to the costly remediation and disposal expenses that gas companies will face.

Emergency Management

As odorization specialists, we stress the importance of emergency management to reduce the vulnerability to these hazards. With proper operating procedures, adequate training, proper installation of the equipment and having an emergency response plan in place, gas companies can avert or minimize the ramifications.

MRR offers the following for our clients’ spill prevention and preparedness programs:


Spill Response Training by MRR

Spill Response Training

MRR provides custom classes, specific to each customer’s needs on most aspects of odorization with the focus being mercaptan spill prevention and preparedness.

Emergency Spill Kits

The MRR Mercaptan Emergency Spill Kit includes the essential emergency items to mitigate an odorant spill.

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