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Midland Resource Recovery (MRR) is the leading natural gas odorization service company in North America.

Our mission is to promote and participate in the safe delivery of natural gas. MRR is recognized by our clients as their trusted partner in odorization. We provide premium quality work, long-term solutions, exceptional service delivered with integrity and in line with our culture of safety.

History of MRR

In 1996, Jan Strmen, the founder of MRR, developed a proactive solution to a long-term industry problem: obsolete odorant equipment decommissioning and off-site treatment. MRR has developed techniques that allow us to work with odorant in an “odor-free” manner, using patented technologies to remove obsolete odorization equipment from client sites. This process is currently widely accepted by the natural gas and propane industry due to its low-risk and cost-effective workflow.

In 2006, MRR opened the first US location in Philippi, WV. This facility operates the treatment and processing facility for obsolete odorization equipment, a storage facility for natural gas and propane odorants and a liquid odorant delivery service using specialized closed-loop vapor recovery truck.  Since 2006, MRR has been partnering with Chevron Philips Chemicals to offer delivery of quality odorants that are made in the USA.

In 2011, MRR split into two sister companies: MRR Canada, headquartered in Lancaster, ON, and MRR USA in Philippi, WV.  For the past 10 years, MRR has expanded its offerings to include innovative, complementary services and products as part of our engineered odorization solutions. MRR specializes in turn-key solutions to odorization challenges, encompassing:

  • decommissioning and off-site treatment
  • installation of new equipment
  • odorization skid design
  • odorization station design
  • odorization training
  • new pipeline pickling
  • odorant delivery
  • odorization equipment rental
  • manufacture and sales of odor control products
  • odorization equipment preventive maintenance,
  • spill response training and prevention

MRR is dedicated to solving your next odorization challenge. Odorization is what we know best, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and partnering with you to ensure your project is a lasting success.

  • Juraj Strmen
    Juraj Strmen President & Technical Director

    Since our company’s inception, we have been totally committed to partnering with our customers to provide best in class service. We believe that proper odorization is a critical public safety issue and strive to educate the industry on the best ways to maximize reliability and minimize risks.
    – Juraj Strmen, President & Technical Director

Key Personnel

  • Gus Barbarito
    Gus Barbarito Vice President of Operations
  • Wesley Lucas Director of Sales
  • Mike Mullett
    Mike Mullett US Operations Manager
  • Denis Lajoie
    Denis Lajoie Operations Manager, Canada
  • Sarah Keller
    Sarah Keller Odorant Coordinator
  • Art Loder
    Art Loder Site Manager
  • Susan Hagen
    Susan Hagen Office Manager
  • Kelly Lane
    Kelly Lane Office Manager
  • Ann Rush
    Ann Rush Office Assistant

Insurance and Bonding

MRR is fully insured and bonded to perform odorant work on client sites, to transport odorant and odorant equipment, and to decommission equipment at our facilities. Over the years, we have worked for over 200 natural gas companies, ranging from small town utilities to major transmission and distribution corporations, as well as refineries.

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Natural Gas Odorization Conference & Exhibition
August 27 – 28, 2019
Houston, TX
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