Odorizer Installations

Does your company need a natural gas odorizer installation? Midland Resource Recovery (MRR) provides permanent installations of leading odorizers and odorant injection systems.

Natural Gas Odorizer

As the leading odorization expert, MRR provides the optimum design for reliability and consistency. We have experience installing all types of odorization systems. The MRR technicians and staff are fully trained to understand the equipment and properly handle the odorants while keeping your company compliant with the regulations and your sites incident free.

Whether you seek a contractor to install a newly acquired system or need assistance with the odorizer and odorant selection and installation design, MRR has the most experience in the industry and will keep your company in compliance and safety as a priority. Among the natural gas odorizers we install are Welker OdorEyes chemical infusion, YZ Odorizer NJEX odorization systems, and GPL Odorizers natural gas odorant injection systems.

We offer turnkey upgrades, including orbital welding to minimize the leak points, with many additional options.

Odorizing Enclosure

The MRR Odorizing Enclosure is custom built to protect odorization systems, it improves safety and reliability, and protects against the elements. A sealed-off system helps prevent the corrosion of tanks and other odorizer components. The enclosures include a mercaptan sensor system which detects and alerts to mercaptan leaks. Once a leak is detected the sensor activates a carbon filter to avoid mercaptan vapor release to the atmosphere.

When the mercaptan sensor detects odorant, the carbon filter generates a negative pressure in the enclosure which prevents odor vapors from escaping. Simultaneously, an alarm is directed to monitoring equipment or by radio and can be configured to text message the response personnel. Mercaptan leaks are common, and by being alerted quickly your company avoids leak calls.

Installation Services

  • Installation of odorizers
  • Odorant tanks – custom design & fittings
  • Secondary containment
  • Optional weatherproof enclosure
  • Turn-key installation
  • Welded connections
  • Odorant delivery
  • Odorizer start-up
  • Training

Installation Design

  • Enclosure/building, secondary containment
  • Consistency of design
  • Orbital welding, materials for construction
  • Serviceability
  • Residential/commercial area
  • Temperature
  • Tank design
  • Over pressure protection
  • Depressurization equipment

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