Mercaptan Spill Kit

Midland Resource Recovery (MRR) manufactures Mercaptan Spill Kits which include the essential emergency items to absorb, control and restrain an odorant spill.

Odorant or Mercaptan Emergency Spill Kit

Natural Gas Odorant Emergency Spill Kit by MRR

Every site with ongoing odorant activity should have an emergency spill kit and every employee at the location must have basic training on how to respond to odorant-related incidents. Swift, safe and suitable mitigation will mean the difference between keeping your clients, employees, and the environment safe, versus having a spill reported to the EPA and facing a site investigation and fines.

We recommend Mercaptan Spill Kits in odorant storage areas, odorization stations, transfer locations, and areas used to perform maintenance on odorization equipment.

These spill kits contain the necessary “first aid” items to allow you to absorb, control and contain an odorant spill.

Spill Kit Contents

The emergency spill kit includes absorbent materials, tools, clothing, and odor control products.

Emergency Spill Response Training

MRR provides custom classes, specific to each client’s needs on most aspects of odorization with the focus being mercaptan spill prevention and preparedness.

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