Mercaptan Odor Control Liquids

Midland Resource Recovery (MRR) sells mercaptan odor control fluids, such as Deomer, and Mask-O to reduce or mask the smell of mercaptan odorant.

Deomer – Mercaptan Deodorant

Deomer is a deodorant for mercaptan contamination. The liquid treats odorizer parts, clothing, tools, concrete, metal, and soil. The plant-derived active ingredient of Deomer removes the unpleasant smell by reacting with mercaptans and neutralizes the odor. The product is safe, non-toxic, water-soluble, and has a pleasant scent.

Winter Deomer is also available on request with added propylene glycol to inhibit freezing of the liquid.

Mask-O – Odorant Masking Agent

Mask-O is an orange masking agent, rather than neutralizing the odor it conceals the mercaptan smell with a fresh orange scent.

Both Deomer and Orange Masking Agent are available in a variety of sizes from 16-ounce spray bottles up to 55-gallon drums.

Related Odor Control Product

Carbon Filters – While the odor control liquids are a reactive means to address the odor from odorant, our activated carbon filters are a proactive solution to removing odor from the odorization area.

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