Rental of Odorization Equipment

MRR has a wide range of equipment available for rental, including natural gas odorizers, odorant tanks, and mercaptan level sampling.

Odorizer and Tank Rentals

We have a selection of YZ and GPL natural gas odorant injection systems and holding tanks available for rent to address a wide range of natural gas flows and pressures.

NJEX 6300
NJEX 6300
NJEX 7300
NJEX 7300
NJEX 8300
NJEX 8300
GPL 750
GPL 750


Natural Gas Odorant InjectionThe MRR OdorTracker is an automated mercaptan monitoring system that is suitable for permanent or temporary odorization installations and is available for Class I Div 1 and Class I Div 2 hazardous locations.

Related Natural Gas Odorant Injection Services

Temporary Odorization
MRR provides temporary odorization services permitting our clients to avoid downtime of service during construction or pipeline conditioning.

Odorizer Installations
MRR has extensive experience in the design and installation of odorization solutions.

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