Working in Cold Weather

Cold weather safety is a topic that should be discussed at length among utility workers who perform any outdoor job functions. That’s because, as with heat stress, cold stress can be a fatal threat. When you’re exposed to freezing temperatures for long periods of time, you run the risk of losing a dangerous amount of […]


Is Renewable Natural Gas Environmentally Friendly?

Is renewable natural gas environmentally friendly? To put it simply, renewable natural gas (RNG) is not a fossil fuel. RNG never spent millions of years underground. Instead, RNG is an ultra-clean and ultra-low-carbon natural gas alternative made from the methane that is captured when organic waste from food scraps, animal manure and sewage is broken down, captured […]


Renewable Natural Gas Growth

RNG is essentially a gaseous fuel derived from biogenic or other renewable sources, which can be “upgraded” and processed to pipeline-compatible, near-pure methane. According to the World Resources Institute (WRI), landfills account for the bulk of current RNG production, mainly because they already have methane collection mechanisms. A smaller share of RNG is derived via [...]


Importance of Bonding and Grounding

Static cling in clothing and that jarring shock that sometimes happens when you touch a doorknob in the winter are two of the consequences of built-up static electricity. While these events range from embarrassing and annoying to slightly painful, static electricity can be life threatening when it comes to handling and transferring flammable liquids. One […]

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