Importance of Bonding and Grounding

Static cling in clothing and that jarring shock that sometimes happens when you touch a doorknob in the winter are two of the consequences of built-up static electricity. While these events range from embarrassing and annoying to slightly painful, static electricity can be life threatening when it comes to handling and transferring flammable liquids. One […]


April Is National Safe Digging Month: Springtime Safety Tips

April is National Safe Digging Month and as the spring arrives so does construction season.  Whether you’re planning small construction for home improvement or major construction, such as home additions or adding a building structure to your property, safety must be your first priority.  Since this time a year is peak home improvement and tree […]


Off-Site Treatment and Processes at our West Virginia Site

When we are working on decommissioning of tanks and different equipment from sites, our job is not always complete after we leave the job site. When we bring materials back to our facility in Philippi, WV, we still have a lot of work to do. Odorant Tank Decommissioning with Off-Site Treatment Midland Resource Recovery (MRR) […]


Natural Gas Safety for the Holidays

Glittering décor, twinkling lights, festive parties and lavish meals — they are all wonderful ways for sharing the joy of the holiday season. Making your celebrations with family and friends as stress-free as possible means controlling and minimizing risks that could make your home unsafe. Midland Resource Recovery believes natural gas safety awareness is important […]


Odor Fade – Why We Pickle Pipe

Why it is possible you MAY not smell gas? In certain situations, the Mercaptan added (the sulfur or rotten egg smell) to natural gas supplies, maybe either filtered out or absorbed, leaving little to no odor in leaking or vented natural gas.  Utility companies regularly conducts tests within their systems to ensure gas is delivered […]

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