Odorant Delivery and Transfer Services

Whether delivering mercaptan to your facility or moving the chemical on your site, Midland Resource Recovery (MRR) enforces the strictest protocols to guarantee the safe and incident-free transportation of your mercaptan. The MRR equipment is state-of-the-art and subject to a thorough preventive maintenance program. Our technicians are properly trained and experienced, our equipment and the service are fully compliant with DOT regulations.

Natural Gas Odorant Delivery

Chevron Phillips natural gas odorant delivery by Midland Resource Recovery (MRR)MRR is an exclusive partner of Chevron Phillips Chemical (CPChem). We sell and deliver Chevron Phillips Scentinel® natural gas odorant from our storage facility in Philippi, WV. We have the capacity to transport gas odorant using our 2,400-gallon bobtail truck, or using a Ford F350 pickup truck and trailer to safely move 57- and 118.9-gallon cylinders.

Natural Gas Odorant Mercaptan Transfers


MRR provides the service of transferring within your company from larger storage tanks into the odorizers. We have the capacity to transport using our 2,400-gallon bobtail truck or by using a Ford 350 pick-up and trailer we can safely move 57 and 118.9-gallon containers.

Related Products and Services

With our 20μm filter cartridges, we offer a filtration service permitting the reuse of gas odorant.

Refill Cylinders
We refill all sizes of cylinders, including farm taps.

Emergency Response to Spills
Our highly trained crews can handle all types of gas odorant spills, including remediation of contaminated soil, equipment, and water. Our patented, highly efficient activated carbon filtration systems suppress vapor emissions during the restoration work.

These Midland Resource Recovery service offerings are entirely compliant with all regulations.

MRR is a trusted partner for natural gas odorant delivery in North America. Since our launch in 1996, we have expanded our tank decommissioning offerings to include additional odorization products and services. We have an equipment processing plant and odorant distribution facility in Philippi, WV. We also have a facility in Longmont, CO, and our headquarters are in Lancaster Ontario, Canada.

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