Temporary Odorization

Midland Resource Recovery (MRR) is the industry leader for temporary odorization. This service permits our clients to avoid downtime of service while pickling a gas pipeline or during construction.

Interim Odorant Injection

MRR evaluates each customer’s specific needs and offers the best configuration for temporary odorization. MRR solutions may include:

  • Temporary Odorization by Midland Resource Recovery (MRR)Odorant tank rental and installation (57 to 5000 gallon capacity)
  • Secondary containment for tank with optional weatherproof enclosure
  • Odorizer rental (gas flow from 0.001 to 38 MMSCFH, Max Pressure 1440 PSI
  • Remote communication via wireless modem (AC or solar powered)
  • Turnkey installation
  • Odorant delivery and transfer
  • Odorant filtration and transfer
  • Odor control solutions

Odorant Handling

The temporary tanks can be filled using DOT-approved cylinders or our 2400-gal bobtail truck equipped with a closed-loop vapor recovery unit. After project completion, residual odorant from the temporary installation can be filtered and transferred to the client’s new permanent installation.

As an option, odorized LNG may be used to maintain the supply.

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