Decommissioning of Odorant Equipment

If odorant tanks are old, unserviceable, or regulations call for the removal of the equipment, properly decommissioning the system is necessary.

Decommissioning Equipment

Retiring equipment presents a challenge for any company to safely remove, transport and properly dispose of the contaminated material. It is an arduous task to navigate the 1988 EPA underground storage tank (UST) regulations, the 2015 revisions, and State Program Approval (SPA) regulations. It becomes even more complicated with DOT regulations, EPA procedures and potentially Homeland Security rules if there is a leak during transportation of the removed equipment.

Decommissioning Equipment and odorant tanks

Odorant Tank Decommissioning with Off-Site Treatment

Midland Resource Recovery (MRR) is the North American pioneer in decommissioning odorant tanks. Since 1996, MRR has provided permanent and environmentally responsible solutions to remove and dispose of contaminated odorant equipment. The company enforces strict protocols to ensure the safe and incident-free removal of the tanks without the release of odorant during all phases of the process. To eliminate the threat of mercaptan release during transport, MRR uses airtight, leakproof containers. The containers are 24’ x 8’ x 8’ with top or rear-loading access and are equipped with E-Track systems to secure all transported equipment safely. At our processing facility in West Virginia, we use a thermo-chemical process to decontaminate the material.

The MRR process is entirely compliant with all regulations.

Other MRR Solutions

  • Chemical treatment and decommissioning of non-transportable odorant equipment
  • Biological and chemical treatment of contaminated soil and water
  • Removal of underground storage tanks and installations
  • Emergency response to odorant spills and equipment failure
  • Odorant deliveries
  • Odorant transfers

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